Our 2020 Charities!


Your support helps us care for children and young adults whose lives are sadly just too short, both in their own homes and at our hospice in North Anston.

We believe that every family deserves to make magical memories with their child, whether they have years, months, weeks or days together.

Bluebell Wood is a home from home for families facing the toughest of times, with a comfy lounge and beautiful gardens. 

Every day, we need to raise £11,000 to keep our doors open, and only around 10% of our funding is from the government. Everything else is paid for by the wonderful work that you do.

Please take some time out to read Brooke and Lillys story here, to understand who you're helping to support.  

Curly's have donated free entries so you can claim a FREE SPACE with a minimum commitment of just £75 of fundraising for Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice and you'll get a Bluebell Wood running top! Get in touch here. 

You can make a donation or fundraise online here.

Or download a fundraising form here.


The Doncaster Deaf Trust, now celebrating its 190th Anniversary, are delighted to share that they have been chosen by the Doncaster 10K race as a charity partner.

Alexis Johnson, executive principal of Doncaster Deaf Trust said: “We are extremely pleased to have been chosen as a charity partner for this year’s Doncaster 10k.

“Doncaster Deaf Trust is celebrating its 190th anniversary and our staff, pupils and students have been finding lots of different ways to mark the occasion. We are sure that we’ll get lots of support from our team for this event.

“Any runners who choose to support our inspirational students with their fundraising efforts will be helping us to develop a Wellbeing Room and fitness area. This area will enable our students to better express themselves through dance and fitness activities. The Wellbeing Room will also provide a dedicated space for students to talk about their individual wellbeing.

“Runners who choose to support us will be invited to the Trust to see the difference this new facility will make.”

Curly's have donated free entries so you can claim a FREE SPACE with a minimum commitment of just £75 of fundraising for Doncaster Deaf Trust. 

 Get in touch here to run for Doncaster Deaf Trust. 

You can make a donation or fundraise online here.


The Children’s Air Ambulance is changing the face of paediatric care through the high speed transfers of critically ill babies and children from one hospital to another for specialist care. 

We are the first and only dedicated neonatal and paediatric helicopter emergency transfer service in the country.  The bespoke, specialist equipment on-board the helicopter provides a flying intensive care unit for children.  When a child is too sick to fly, we fly a specialist team to them.   With flight times commonly around four times quicker than a transfer by road, in many cases, the time saved means a life saved.

We receive no government funding and rely entirely upon voluntary donations, your support will help to keep hope alive for these young patients and their families. 

Here’s Harriet’s story to show you how the Children’s Air Ambulance make a difference.

Curly’s have very kindly donated free entries, which is just amazing – you can claim a FREE PLACE and running vest with a pledge to raise £75 or more for the Children’s Air Ambulance.  To reserve your place please emailsharon.evans@theairambulanceservice.org.uk or telephone 03003 045 999

Find out more about the Children’s Air Ambulance please click on the logo :) 

You can make a donation or fundraise online here


Jumbulance Trust makes accessible travel possible for adults and children, who are disabled or have serious or complex health conditions.  Our travellers have a range of life limiting impairments such as heart disease, neurological disease, cancer, birth defects and learning difficulties. For some, this has meant that holidays and day trips are off limits.

Through 2 unique, medically equipped part coach / part ambulance vehicles called ‘Jumbulances’ we enable those who are disabled or ill, to travel long and short distances in safety and comfort. Our clients tell us that this has enabled them to have a trip of a lifetime that simply would not happen without our help.

Since it was established in 2001, Jumbulance Trust has transformed the lives of over 7000 clients. Many of the people we help are lonely, isolated and live in permanent lock down; often with limited or no opportunity to leave their place of residence.  Many have limited income and have no other means of affordable, suitable transport 

Curly’s have donated free entries to help raise funds for the Jumbulance – you can claim a FREE PLACE and running top with a pledge to raise £75 or more for the Jumbulance Trust.  To reserve your place please email melanie.smith@jumbulance.org.uk or telephone 01582 765423

Find out more about the Jumbulance Trust please click on the logo :) 

You can make a donation or fundraise online here (link to just giving page)

Charity DownLoads

Bluebell Wood Sponsorship Form (pdf)


Don't forget to say thank you!

Doncasters Communication Specialist College

Doncasters Communication Specialist College

Doncasters Communication Specialist College


Supporting us at the event will be the amazing staff and students from the Communication Specialist College as part of supporting the Doncaster Deaf Trust (the college is on the start line!) 

So expect a cheerful greeting from the team at the water station just after half way! 

Bluebell Wood Volunteers

Doncasters Communication Specialist College

Doncasters Communication Specialist College


The Bluebell Wood volunteers will once again be supporting your bag drop (with an optional £1 donation :) ) and will be around the finish area helping hand out medals, pies and cheering you in! 

The Children's Air Ambulance volunteers

The Children's Air Ambulance volunteers

The Children's Air Ambulance volunteers


An army of volunteers supporting The Children's Air Ambulance will be out and about on the course cheering you on and making your day amazing! 

So if you can spare a bit of breath... say thank you (or just a thumbs up!) 

The Jumbulance Volunteers

The Children's Air Ambulance volunteers

The Children's Air Ambulance volunteers


You'll find the Jumbulance volunteers in various spots around the event :) 

So keep an eye for them and don't forget to say thank you (or a cheeky wink if you're too tired!) 

Charity STORies

Bluebell Wood - Jayden and his Mum

Children's Air Ambulance - Harriets story

Children's Air Ambulance - Harriets story


Jayden melts hearts wherever he goes with his cheeky smile and bubbly personality. The fearless youngster has been fighting life and death battles since day one, defying expectations every step of the way. Mum Sarah shares their story, explaining how Bluebell Wood has changed their lives:

“I was over the moon to be pregnant with Jayden, and it all started off well. But then at each scan we kept getting more bad news until doctors discovered he had a serious brain condition called Hydrocephalus.”

The devastating news was only the beginning, with doctors telling Sarah that Jayden might not survive birth.

“I felt completely numb, like the whole ground had just opened up and swallowed me. I didn’t know what to do.”

After a deeply worrying six-week stay in hospital, Sarah gave birth to Jayden. But her happiness was short-lived, with the new-born rushed to a Special Care Unit after doctors discovered a cleft palate and a dilated artery in his heart. 

A further three weeks in hospital followed, the first of many heart-wrenching stays culminating in Jayden spending almost a year away from home.

“They didn’t think he’d make it to the age of three. Now the doctor says let’s get him to fifteen. Initially I was told he’d never talk, sit up or move around.  He’s now verbal, sitting up on his own and bum-shuffling. He never fails to amaze me.”

The brave youngster continues to defy doctor’s expectations, surviving emergency heart surgery and various other operations, despite also being diagnosed with a rare life-limiting condition called Loeys-Dietz syndrome.

Meeting Jayden’s complex needs took its toll on Sarah, and a difficult period for the family led her to Bluebell Wood.

“It was daunting at first but once the care team explained the respite care on offer, I felt much more at ease.”

Since that first visit, she’s never looked back.

“Bluebell Wood has really changed my life – it’s made me a better person. It’s made such a difference to both of our lives. 

“Jayden absolutely loves it. I ask him if he wants to go on holiday to Bluebell and he gets excited and shouts: holiday – Bluebell!

“I know he’s always in safe hands when he’s there. The only time I can truly relax and be myself is when we’re at Bluebell Wood. Before I was the only person who was really trained to care for him.”

Jayden, who likes nothing more than to play and sing, has found plenty to keep himself amused.

“He loves everything about Bluebell Wood. The staff are all absolutely brilliant with him and he’s always blowing them kisses. The staff there often say to me – he’s just so happy. He really has melted everyone’s heart.

“He really likes to play and sing too so he loves his music therapy session each week.”

For Sarah, it’s about making the most of every single moment they have together.

“He’s going to have a lot of questions when he’s older but I just want him to enjoy his life while he can, because you never know what’s around the corner.

“That’s what Bluebell Wood gives us, the chance to be ourselves and enjoy life.”

Children's Air Ambulance - Harriets story

Children's Air Ambulance - Harriets story

Children's Air Ambulance - Harriets story


Chris and I are both used to coping with varying levels of stress, but we found ourselves thrown into a special care environment miles away from home and we felt incredibly scared, lonely and isolated


After the unexpected birth of their first child by emergency C-section five weeks early, Malika and Chris Smith say they were “very traumatised” and far from their family support network.

Baby Harriet was born after Malika started haemorrhaging while away on a weekend spa break with Chris. The couple were enjoying some time together after being separated during most of the pregnancy due to both their work commitments in the RAF.

Malika had suffered a placental abruption*,which puts mother and baby at risk if left untreated,  and was blue-lighted by land ambulance to Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.

Within two hours of arriving, Harriet was born and immediately taken to the Special Care Baby Unit and put on a CPAP machine to help her breathing. She was severely jaundiced – which required phototherapy treatment – and had a heart murmur.

Chris was going back and forth between the Special Care Baby Unit and maternity ward, where Malika was recovering from the emergency C Section and losing 2.5 litres of blood.  It wasn’t until 13 hours later that mother and baby were reunited.

“Chris and I are both used to coping with varying levels of stress, but we found ourselves thrown into a special care environment miles away from home and we felt incredibly scared, lonely and isolated,” says Malika

After four days Harriet was well enough to be transported to a Special Care Baby Unit at Harrogate District Hospital – 112 miles away – which was closer to their home in Northallerton.

Chris and Malika were immediately put at ease when the Children’s Air Ambulance and a specialist neo-natal team from Embrace – Yorkshire & Humber Infant & Children’s Transport Service – arrived at Cumberland Infirmary to transfer their daughter.

The helicopter took off from its Oxford base and flew to Barnsley to pick up the Embrace team and then on to Carlisle to meet the couple and Baby Harriet.

Harriet was prepared for the flight back to Harrogate by the Embrace team who then accompanied her on the 45 minute journey between hospitals

“We knew immediately that Harriet was in safe hands. Everyone was fantastic and incredibly supportive during such a distressing period of our lives. The pilots and Embrace team working together were so efficient and professional. They made it OK for us to give our four day old daughter to people we didn’t know. We instantly trusted them and couldn’t fault anything they did for our baby girl.”

“It was the hardest thing to stand watching the helicopter take off and not be able to be with her but we knew she was in safe hands,” says Malika.

Although there is a parent seat on the helicopter, Malika was unable to fly due to the amount of blood she had lost during the operation so Chris drove them the four and half hours straight to Harrogate hospital to reunite them as a new family.

Harriet spent another eight days in the local Special Care Baby Unit – where she received further phototherapy treatment and feeding support through a feeding tube in her nose – before she was well enough to go home. She is now a much loved happy, bubbly 14 week old who has fully settled in at home, surrounded by her family.

“Normal ambulances just aren’t equipped to cater for babies and young children in the same way as the Children’s Air Ambulance. We didn’t know it existed but now, having had first-hand experience of what it does, we fully appreciate what a difference it makes to peoples’ lives. We were lucky that it was available to transfer our daughter and will always be grateful to the team for what they did for our baby girl,” says Malika.

*Placental abruption (abruptio placentae) is an uncommon yet serious complication of pregnancy. The placenta develops in the uterus during pregnancy. It attaches to the wall of the uterus and supplies the baby with nutrients and oxygen.

Placental abruption occurs when the placenta partly or completely separates from the inner wall of the uterus before delivery. This can decrease or block the baby’s supply of oxygen and nutrients and cause heavy bleeding in the mother.

Placental abruption often happens suddenly. Left untreated, it endangers both the mother and the baby..