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Your support helps us care for children and young adults whose lives are sadly just too short, both in their own homes and at our hospice in North Anston.

We believe that every family deserves to make magical memories with their child, whether they have years, months, weeks or days together.

Bluebell Wood is a home from home for families facing the toughest of times, with a comfy lounge and beautiful gardens. 

Every day, we need to raise £11,000 to keep our doors open, and only around 10% of our funding is from the government. Everything else is paid for by the wonderful work that you do.

Please take some time out to read Brooke and Lillys story here, to understand who you're helping to support.  

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Brooke and Lilly's story


Bluebell Wood has been a big part of mum Gemma’s life for the last few years; both of her incredible daughters were referred here for support.

Her eldest daughter Brooke was five when she first came to Bluebell Wood. At birth she was diagnosed with a number of conditions including cerebral palsy, a liver condition and brain damage.

Gemma said: “Brooke had very complex medical conditions. She was always smiling and happy, she loved the attention she got when she stayed for respite at Bluebell Wood.

“When we first came here, we just felt at home. Brooke would come for respite and it was so comforting knowing that she was in such safe hands at Bluebell Wood.”

Then, two years ago, Brooke’s younger sister Lilly-Mai started coming to the hospice for day care. She was diagnosed with liver and heart conditions at just six months. The lovely sisters would also come for respite together too.

“Lilly-Mai loves it here. She loves to be creative – dressing up, painting, everything really! She loves Bluebell Wood,” said Gemma.

Towards the end of 2014, Brooke became unwell and her whole family, including Lilly-Mai and their brother Jordan and step-dad Luke, came to Bluebell Wood.

Together, they were able to spend precious moments together knowing the Care Team were on hand for anything they needed.

“I knew that we wanted to be here for Brooke’s end of life care and we wouldn’t have asked for anything to be any different. All of our family members could be here throughout and it meant so much for us to be around familiar faces,” added Gemma.

“Lilly-Mai and Jordan were both entertained while we could plan funeral
arrangements for Brooke. We could be here once she’d passed away, staying in an End of Life suite gave everybody time to say
goodbye to beautiful Brooke.”

Now, Lilly-Mai continues to come to Bluebell Wood for day care and respite. Jordan loves being part of Bluebell Wood’s sibling group because he can be around children facing similar experiences to him.

Gemma also finds spending time with Bluebell Wood’s team really helpful and she’s a member of our Parent and Grandparent Group.

“I don’t know what we’d have done without the help and support of Bluebell Wood. All of family members were able to benefit from Bluebell Wood’s care. We have made amazing memories here and we look forward to coming back,” said Gemma.